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Right in the house you can relax, relieve your tired muscles, get rid of stress, and recharge your energy with massages performed by a certified masseur. We also offer help with acute problems or long-term back and joint pain.

You can book an appointment for sports or Breuss massage and the Dorn method, named after the German therapist Dieter Dorn.

Sports massage offers special solutions to sports injuries, pain and tension, specifically for people who can identify specific points of tension and pain during sports activities. Sports massage improves circulation, relieves pain, improves flexibility and contributes to faster recovery. In the long term, sports massage provides better balance and distribution of tension in the muscles.

The Dorn method and Breuss massage  are two excellent methods for detailed treatment of the back, spine, joints and all areas of the body that are directly or indirectly connected to the spine, pelvis and joints.
Breuss massage is a relaxing and relieving technique using St. John's wort oil. It penetrates deep into the tissues and helps with the regeneration of the intervertebral discs. The Dorn massage is followed by an explanation of a set of exercises that the client should practise on their own over a long period of time to support the benefits of the Dorn massage. With proper long-term exercise it is possible to prevent or eliminate problems caused by sedentary work or one-sided physically demanding activity.

We recommend booking in advance by phone or in person upon arrival.

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